Anadrol 50 / Oxymetholone 50mg/ml

01 Overview

Anadrol is the leading steroid in market and can be used in several stacks for achieving mass gain and increasing strength. However, as we mentioned at our Anadrol stack page, using with an injectable form of testosterone is the best way to consume the same.

02 Details

Oxymetholone 50mg/ml  / Anadrol / Anadrol 50  Anabolics Injectable Steroids Oil CAS 434-07-1


1. The brief introduction of the product


Anadrol stacks are very effective for the bodybuilders and aids in gaining good size and strength.

On the other hand, like most of the oral steroids, the success of the product depends on the type of stacks that is using and also on the other related compounds that are stacked with it. Some of the well known stacks that can be taken with Anadrol are below.


2. The parameter list of the product


Substance Oxymetholone /Anadrol
CAS 434-07-1
Concentration 50mg/ml
Specification 10ml vials
Packing Disguised package or as required
Standard SGS; GMP; ISO9001
Min order 10 ml
Markets Global





3. The functions of the product


The person buying Anadrol should keep in mind the correct way to use. As it is an oral steroid it must be taken in the right quantity that is 50 mg to 100 mg per day. It is usually used in the first 15 to 45 days of a big series, which also includes testosterone. It is very important to take care about the right dosage as it is a liver toxic.


The user must avoid long-term use of the same and also ensure liver support if needed. In order to know much more about the side effects of the Anadrol you can check our web page dedicated to the same. It is making PCT essential as it folds down the body’s testosterone producing capacity.


4. The usage and dosage of the product


1) Anadrol with Winstrol Stack


It is the favorite oral for the bodybuilders, which offer unbelievable strength. Stacking it with the Anadrol can make it more effective and powerful. Using a testosterone base instead makes it more effective just like other oral steroids.


2) Anadrol 50 with Testosterone Enanthate


It is widely regarded as the number one compound to stack with Anadrol. It helps in improving the testosterone levels and also saving from the side effects such as libido and depression as it works as support for any cycle.


The best thing is that it folds down the testosterone producing capacity. On adding the compound, the body functions properly and improves the cycle purpose.


3) Anadrol 50 Stack with Anavar


Basically considered as a cutting steroid it helps the bodybuilders in becoming more vascular with minimal weight gains. It is good to take it with Test or Anadrol with test.


4) Stacking Anadrol with Trenbolone


It is a common steroid that is stacked with Anadrol. Because of the strength of Trenbolone it is generally a hit or miss. By using it you can get strength and mass. However, some of the users complain about a few side effects as well. Test can be added with Trenbolone for turning it into a bigger Anadrol stack.


5) Dianabol and Anadrol Combo


It is a very famous oral steroid among the bodybuilders consumed either as is or as a part of the test base cycle. It is very synergetic with Anadrol and that’s why combining these two works well when it comes to gaining mass and strength.


Since Anadrol is liver toxic, stacking it with injectable steroid is quite common. But it is important to also use liver-protecting supplements. Check out our cycles dosage page if you want to know more about these stacks.


5. Stack Cycles Of Anadrol


Anadrol is the leading steroid in market and can be used in several stacks for achieving mass gain and increasing strength. However, as we mentioned at our Anadrol stack page, using with an injectable form of testosterone is the best way to consume the same.


All this information is offered only for knowledge. Anabolic Steroids are balanced materials and banned in a number of countries. We are not promoting the business and sales of these Anabolic Steroids.


Cycle 1: Test E – 500mg per week for 12 weeks
Anadrol – 50mg each day for four weeks


Cycle 2: Anadrol – 75mg each day for four weeks
Test E– 500mg per week for 10 weeks


Cycle 3: Anadrol – 75mg per day for four weeks
Test Cyp – 500mg one time in a week for 10 weeks
Tren Ace – 75mg each other day for eight weeks
Winstrol – 50mg every day for weeks 9 – 12 (4 weeks)


Cycle 4: Anadrol – 50mg each day for four weeks
Test E – 500mg one time a week for 12 weeks
Deca – 300mg one time a week for 10 weeks


Cycle 5: Test E – 500mg per week for 10 weeks
HCG – 500iu twice a week from weeks 4 to 10 (7 weeks)
Dianabol – week 1: 25mg week 2: 30mg week 3: 30mg week 4: 30mg
Anadrol – week 1: 50mg week 2: 50mg week 3: 50mg week 4: 50mg


Anadrol 50 PCT


While using the stack in cycle, the best way is to have good PCT(for all the cycles) in order to get the natural testosterone levels balanced in your body, to avoid durable side effects and to get keep most of it. The most common and effective drugs to use for the same are Clomid and Nolvadex. An example for post cycle dose


Week 1: 60mg Nolvadex / 100mg Clomid
Weeks 2-4: 40mg Nolvadex / 50mg Clomid




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