Androstenediol CAS 521-17-5

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Androsterone is one of the androgens, which are steroid hormones that affect the masculinization of the fetus and child and that maintain or create masculine traits in adults.

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Healthy Androstenediol Prohormones Steroids Hormone Powder 521-17-5 Muscle Enhancement


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Product Name: Androsterone
Synonyms : 3-Hydroxy-5-androstan-17-one;5-Androstan-3-ol-17-one
CAS No : 53-41-8
M.F : C19H30O2
M.W : 290.44
Assay : 99%
Appearance : White or white crystalline powder
Product Name : Androsterone
Melting Point : 181-184 degree celsius.





1. Androsterone is one of the androgens, which are steroid hormones that affect the masculinization of the fetus and child and that maintain or create masculine traits in adults. Testosterone is the most active and abundant of the androgens. Androsterone was originally isolated from male urine in very small amounts. Many scientists believe it to be a metabolic byproduct of the breakdown of testosterone, and many scientists who study pheromones think it might be active in human relations.


2. A molecule of androsterone is very similar to testosterone. It consists of three six-member carbon rings and one five member ring joined along common sides. The molecular formula is C19 H30 O2. It has a beta-isomer called epiandrosterone, in which an hydroxyl group occupies a different geometric position. The ratio of androsterone to epiandrosterone is thought to be important in how masculine behavior is interpreted by others


3. Pheromones are well known in insect behavior. Their role in insect mating, navigation and nest protection has been studied, and active compounds have been isolated. Pheromones are the basis of some insect baits. Their effect on mammal behavior patterns is less well understood.





Androstenediol is a prohormone that is proclamied to convert to the steroid Dianabol.The conversion rate of Androstenediol to Dianabol -(Methandrostenolone) is around a fair 15-20%.But even in despite to its conversion toDianabol, it is more related to Boldione due to (M-1,4ADD) also being converted by the enzyme 3HSD into dihydroboldenone making this compound very unique that it has characteristics of 2 potent steroids.M1,4ADD still has a little bit of anabolic activity on its own.M1,4ADD is a “WET” (aromatizing) compound.So the user can expect some estrogen related side-effects such as some water retention and possible bloating or aggitation or reappearance of existing or old cases of gyno.The use of a AI inhibiotor is not needed but recommended for sensitive users.


Androstenediol is an oral PRO-hormone that our liver processes, and it’s a methylated compound that does give us some liver strain too.This is a compound that’s somewhere in the range of mild to moderate, as far as side effects.It can have negative effects on our bodies’ endocrine systems, cholesterol levels, estrogen, lipid values, and blood pressure.There might be some additional side effects that present themselves too.


Some people refer to this supplement as a wetter and more expensive Superdrol, and it’s a good supplement if you want to make some gains.Androstenediol has a conversion to Dianabol, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s become so popular with bodybuilders.A lot of people who have tried this supplement have had a great experience with it.The muscle mass and strength gains from taking this supplement are pretty consistent with user reviews across different sources.There was a lot of muscle mass gain reported for most users.Some of the pros are that if offered retained strength and gains, built muscle, was a good value, and had great pumps.


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